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iZip Support & Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 24 September 2020.


How do I zip and unzip files on my Mac with iZip?

Please see https://izip.com/zip-rar-for-mac for a quick guide.


System Requirements

iZip works on macOS 10.10 or newer and requires about 20MB of space. macOS Catalina is supported.


Other "iZip" products

You should only ever download iZip from www.izip.com

Any iZips you find in the Google Play Store, Mac App Store or iTunes are NOT developed by us, they are simply using our name. The software we provide here at iZip.com was the first to use this name. Please don't support others trading off our goodwill.

If you find iZip useful, please purchase a license. This helps us fund continued development.


Why does iZip prompt me to install a system component?

iZip mounts archives as removable disks so you can browse and manage their contents using the familiar Finder interface. It does this with the help of a component called FUSE, which is required to emulate removable disks. iZip will only prompt you to install it if required.


Unable to launch application from archive / application corrupted

Even though iZip makes archives appear as removable disks on your Mac, you should not run software from directly within an archive.

If you've downloaded an archive containing software on your Mac, please drag the .app file out of the archive volume before attempting to launch.

This is not unlike trying to run software directly from a .dmg as opposed to dragging it to /Applications first.


What is iBoostUp with Spyware Doctor?

iBoostUp can reclaim gigabytes of space on your Mac, improve performance, protect your privacy by scanning for malware and much more!

This software is also developed and distributed by us. Another way to support continued development of iZip is to use and optionally purchase a license.

Click here to read more about the features in iBoostUp.

You are able to access iBoostUp for free from within iZip's 'Welcome to iZip' screen. Simply click the green button under 'Create Archive' and then 'Launch' at the informational prompt. iZip NEVER installs or runs anything without your explicit permission. To be safe, please make sure your copy was downloaded directly from www.izip.com


We aim to satisfy all support requests, but as iZip is a free product we may be unable to reply to each message individually. Priority is given to users who have purchased a license.



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